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Starting package

Pinsa Romana has created a starting package for you who is new to Pinsa bread.

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Start package

Pinsa Romana has created a starting package for you, that is eger to try and produce and sell products based on the Pinsa bread.
The Starting package is formed in a way. that if you produce and sell everything in the package, the investment is payed in one go.

900 pinsa bread is ready to be sold. If you sell only 30 pinsas per day, the investment is payed back in one month.

The Start package consists of:

One Proffesionell mini owen, capacity for up to 450 degrees celcius and many colors to pick from.

One dough mixer

100 kg Pinsa flour

3 pieces of big restingboxes for the dough

6 pieces of small restingboxes for the pinsa bread plus a lid

2 pieces of perforated plates

One pinsaspade, one rollerknife och one owen bruch

3 days of training

Professionella MiniugnarDough mixer FlourFlourFlourFlourResting boxPerforated platePinsa SpadeUgnsborste.jpgRolling knife

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